Saturday, November 28, 2015

I'm Writing A Novel??

For the past month I have been working on my first novel as a part of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) 

An entire novel in a month? Amber are you crazy? Yes, maybe I am. But as of yesterday I hit the goal of 50,000 words! I never thought I'd make it! 

I'll be sure to keep you updated!


Monday, November 2, 2015

Best Donuts EVER??? ||Beiler's Donuts

If you are familiar with Philly eats, there is a good chance you've heard of Beiler's Donuts in the Reading Terminal Market. Unless of course you're like me... a born and raised Philadelphian that has never heard of the place. I know! I mean, it's not like I'm not at Reading Terminal frequently! Anywho... I've finally seen the light! These might just be the BEST donut's I've EVER had! And at just 90 cents a donut... does it get better than that?!?

Cinnamon Sugared Pumpkin Creme: This is one of the few donuts without creme on the top. Instead it is dusted with cinnamon sugar. This may make them seem plain and simple but then you get to the creme! It took me a few bites to get to the filling. In most cases, with other donuts, that would really bother me...but not this time. Where most donuts that I've had in the past have just tasted like dry bread without any sort of flavor. These however tasted soooo yummy. Still dessert! And the filling... OMG!!! Sooo rich, so full of flavor, and not too sweet! The perfect mouthful of pumpkin heaven!!

Oreo Creme: Oreos are my favorite cookies... Oreos are my favorite in general! Oreo cupcakes, milkshakes, cookies and cream ice cream. I. LOVE. OREOS. Needless to say, I LOVE these donuts! I was not at all disappointed! The creme filling is what I wish the frosting on the Oreo cupcake from Carlo's was. Like I mentioned with the previous donut, the creme is not too sweet so it doesn't taste super processed and artificial! It's the perfect consistency. The donut itself tastes like an Oreo when you bite it and the cookie and cream comes together and you realize that you just made the best decision of your day!

Maple Bacon: I am a bacon lover so the Maple Bacon donuts are my personal favorite!! If you are not really into bacon, these might not be for you but I am in LOVE with them!! First of all, let's talk about the bacon itself... a lot of the time bacon flavored foods have an artificial taste to them. The bacon on these donuts is so fresh and well cooked! It also gives the donut that salty/sweet contrast and I love it. The maple creme is to die for...The donut is topped AND filled with it. The bacon also balances out the super sweetness of maple syrup. All in all, this donut is an autumn miracle!!

There are still so  many that I want to try. If you are in the Philadelphia, do NOT leave without having tried a Beiler's Dounut!


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Calvin Klein 1 Mascara

I've been sitting on this gem for a year now!

Last year for my birthday gift from Ulta, I received this Calvin Klein One mascara. I was very hesitant to try it... I didn't know anything about Calvin Klein cosmetics and I didn't want to pretend to love something simply because of the brand.
So after hemming and hawing and losing it in my makeup case, I finally decided to take it out while I was playing around with some looks. I just... I feel like I've just wasted SO MUCH TIME avoiding an AMAZING product!!
First of all, let me take a second to talk about the wand... this magical, multi purpose wand! I ADORE it!!

Twist it to the right and it shrinks into a wand perfect for volumizing and creating a great curl.

Twist it to the left and it stretches into a lengthening wand... and lengthen it does!!

I really like to start with a coat the short brush to create nice volume and then I build up the look with  a couple of coats with the brush stretched out . I absolutely love the fact that this mascara doesn't really flake off. I'm a notorious mascara picker. With most mascaras I get maybe two hours into wearing it and it starts falling into my eyes but Calvin Klein One stays put until I decide to wash it off and even then, it takes a bit of work to get it off!

All in all, this is a great product that I can't believe I was sleeping on all this time! I will 100% be repurchasing it when the time comes!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I have been a fan of Cake Boss for AGES! I tell everyone that when I get married, I want Buddy to make my cake... yes, even without ever tasting anything that he's made. I've been planning to take a trip to Carlo's in Hoboken but I never seem to be able to get there!
For the past few months, my mother and I have been riding by a bakery in Center City and saying that we need to go in. I never really focused on said bakery, I was just game because bakeries and baked goods are MY LIFE!! You can imagine how stoked I was when we finally got off the bus to go in and I realized that THERE IS NOW A CARLO'S BAKERY IN PHILADELPHIA!
Guys, I AM IN LOVE!!!!!

The first time I went in I had the HARDEST time deciding what to try first!  Luckily I was with my mom so we each got something and nibbled from each other's plates. 
My mother got an apple turnover
I splurged a little and got not only a cupcake, but my FIRST EVER cannoli!
 Now Oreo cupcakes are my personal favorite to bake and when I saw Oreo cupcakes in the display case, I may have gotten a little TOO excited! The cake itself was GLORIOUS! It was a rich chocolate ... I just wish there were actual Oreos throughout and not just in the icing! I didn't particularly love the frosting but I think that's just a personal preference. I don't really like whipped cream frosting. 
As for the cannoli.... HOW have I never had one before?!?!?
 The filling was sooo creamy and sweet and just HEAVENLY! I feel like I've been missing out!!

These are honestly some of the prettiest wedding cakes I have ever seen! Whoever these were for are SO LUCKY!!...  I've never even thought of a chalkboard cake, but now I'M OBSESSED!!

If you get the chance, definitely stop in to Carlo's! I can't wait to go back!!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Clumpy Lashes From The Drugstore

So I've been told that clumpy lashes are back!!
Well, don't I feel ahead of the curve... my lashes ALWAYS look like something out of the 60s!!
If you know me or follow me on Instagram, you'll know that there are few things I love more than a good mascara! A good DRUGSTORE mascara to be more specific!! I actually don't think I own any high end mascaras... oops. Anywho, I've recently found two that I have fallen HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with!

First and foremost L'Oreal's Miss Manga Rock which is my favorite of the two! I've always been obsessed with the original Miss Manga mascara so when this one came out, I was all about it! Of course when I finally made the purchase and it came time to wear it for the first time I had to ask myself, " Did you NEED to own this so badly because it was a promising product or was it just because you liked the first one so much?" and "Is this really going to be any different than the original?" but as soon as I removed the brush from the tube, compared it to the original and saw that they were very different... I was all the way back on board and boy am I glad?!?
I was promised extremely voluminous lashes with an edgy, spiky, "punky" twist... I was NOT disappointed! I have naturally long and curly lashes but... my lashes have NEVER looked so good!!

my bare lashes (aside from the coconut oil that I use to moisturize... more on that another time)

Left Eye: Bare. 

Next is Maybelline's The Colossal Chaotic Lash.  With this mascara I was promised, as the name suggests, chaos... "a perfectly sexy mess". This mascara delivers! It gives me volume, and when the curved brush is used vertically... beautiful disorganization. It is the perfect mix of Twiggy and Grunge Princess! Yes, Please and Thank you!!

I've never been keen on how my eyes look without eyeliner but I 100% prefer both products WITHOUT it!! 

Have you tried either of these mascaras? Do you love them as much as I do? 

Fellow mascara junkies: what are you loving? and what should I try next??


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day.......???

Apparently today is Father's day.

Right.... okay then......

Well in that case, I'd like to wish a Happy Father's Day to my mother-

"Amber WTF are you talking about? And how did you not know that it was Father's Day?"

Well my little nuggets, I don't really keep track of this day. Nor have I ever really celebrated it. You see, my Dad died just before my fifth birthday. I don't remember having a father so I don't really have a reason to celebrate.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying this from a "pity me" stand point. I don't need pity. I don't really feel like I've missed out on anything. My mom has done quite the job of being both parents for the last 20 years. She has worked hard to provide me with anything that I might need. She has surrounded me with people to fill any sort of void that I might ever feel. She has also taught me how to be a decent human, how to be independent as well as anything that a father is "supposed" to teach their daughters. YAY MOMMY!

I hope you didn't read that with any sort of bitterness... there was no bitterness. I've read a few articles lately about people/girls raised without a father... I've never really related to any of that. I don't feel abandoned or rejected. I don't really feel like I'm missing anything or have a part of me that's missing.  Maybe that's just me. I can't feel that way though because my Dad didn't CHOOSE to leave me. My mom always reminds me that he ALWAYS wanted me, that he ALWAYS provided for me and that he ALWAYS loved me.

So maybe I should celebrate that huh??

Anywho... I hope you all are having a great Father's Day and that you're celebrating. Whether it's with your Father, Mother, Uncle, or Brother... whoever is most important in your life


Friday, May 29, 2015

//You Wanna Find Love Then You Know Where The City Is//

I always talk about my intense love for New York City or how I ADORE London and Paris... but, sometimes I forget how much I love MY city!! So with summer finally rolling around, I figured it's the perfect time to do some Philly exploring ...My absolute favorite thing about Philadelphia is the mix of upscale city and historic landmark.

University City & Rittenhouse Square

 just looking at them up there like that is terrifying!!

Olde City

Penn's Landing

Spruce StreetHarbor Park

 Sometimes my mom gets a little TOO aggressive when playing vintage video games

South Street

Sweet Berry Frozen Yogurt
 (birthday cake and nutella)

I can't wait to be able to travel more and explore and fall in love with more cities!!