Saturday, October 17, 2015

Calvin Klein 1 Mascara

I've been sitting on this gem for a year now!

Last year for my birthday gift from Ulta, I received this Calvin Klein One mascara. I was very hesitant to try it... I didn't know anything about Calvin Klein cosmetics and I didn't want to pretend to love something simply because of the brand.
So after hemming and hawing and losing it in my makeup case, I finally decided to take it out while I was playing around with some looks. I just... I feel like I've just wasted SO MUCH TIME avoiding an AMAZING product!!
First of all, let me take a second to talk about the wand... this magical, multi purpose wand! I ADORE it!!

Twist it to the right and it shrinks into a wand perfect for volumizing and creating a great curl.

Twist it to the left and it stretches into a lengthening wand... and lengthen it does!!

I really like to start with a coat the short brush to create nice volume and then I build up the look with  a couple of coats with the brush stretched out . I absolutely love the fact that this mascara doesn't really flake off. I'm a notorious mascara picker. With most mascaras I get maybe two hours into wearing it and it starts falling into my eyes but Calvin Klein One stays put until I decide to wash it off and even then, it takes a bit of work to get it off!

All in all, this is a great product that I can't believe I was sleeping on all this time! I will 100% be repurchasing it when the time comes!!


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