Friday, August 22, 2014

Yeah, Yeah, Ya Boy

So, on August 15th, I got to go see Paradise Fears on their headlining tour… The Live Forever Tour. If you have never seen PF live, you are SERIOUSLY missing out! These guys are beyond talented and I swear every time I see them, they are better than the last time. The only word I can think of to describe this last show is INTENSE! It was truly an experience. I got goosebumps so many times. I actually don’t think that’s ever happened before… and I go to a lot of shows. 
There is absolutely nothing like that moment when the artists are giving absolutely EVERYTHING on that stage and the crowd is giving everything right back. You can literally feel the energy flowing between you! It’s like Sam said, “ I feel really in it right now”. I feel so alive.  Being in the middle of a crowd where there’s this unity… everyone is screaming the Sanctuary speech at the top of their lungs… there’s nothing like it! 

That’s when it usually happens for me, during Sanctuary, when I just feel it. Like I’m in the middle of something truly POWERFUL. Like if I don’t scream the lyrics, I might burst. And I think everyone must feel that way because it’s like in that moment everyone is on the same wavelength, the same energy is being shared. It’s coursing through all of us. It’s like a tangible moment. There are tears and Sam has this look on his face like he just knows… He knows he’s a part of something truly special. Paradise Fears is truly special!



Dress ( and Belt) Delias