Wednesday, August 17, 2016

End Of Summer Fashion Faves


So, I've been meaning to make this post for ages... sorry about that. This summer has really been about sprucing up my wardrobe and putting a tad more effort into my outfits. With summer coming to a close, I figured that I would share some of my favorite pieces. Most of these were purchased from and were featured in my last haul video. What I really love is that most if not all of these pieces can be incorporated into some cute fall outfits. I seriously can't wait for the fall. I am so ready for chunky sweaters, and beanies!

So, I'm really trying to get myself to wear dresses more often. It's usually either church or a concert. That's it. It's not that I don't like dresses... I just feel really overdressed and a lot of the time, self conscious in them. Anywho, I saw the Mel Cold Shoulder Strappy Swing Dress and I couldn't pass them up. I am very obsessed with the cutout shoulder detail so I ordered one in Blush and one in Olive! My favorite part, which you can see if you look hard enough, are the Jelly sandals. My 90's baby heart is OVER THE MOON!!!

I believe one of my first posts featured Jawbreaking. Surprisingly I haven't ordered from them since... don't ask me why. I'm always on the website and lurking Aly's instagram. Anywho since first being introduced to the brand I have wanted... no... NEEDED this "Band Boys=Trouble" t-shirt. I mean C'MON!!  If anyone knows that to be true, it's moi! Well you can imagine how lost and heartbroken I was when it was discontinued. You can also imagine how STOKED I was when the birthday sale rolled around and I found this bad boy on the website. There was NO WAY I was passing it up again. I became a little obsessed with the idea of tying it up 90s crop style and pairing it with a maxi skirt. I found the perfect one (Rae Pocket Front Maxi)  back over on boohoo...IT HAS POCKETS!

This Sun and Moon Oversized Tee had been sitting in my cart for a while. I just love how it looks so casual and comfy but also just really cool. I'm all about items that I can dress up or dress down. The best part about this shirt is how SOFT it is. I just want to sit and rub my face over it like a cat!

I'm clearly very into open shoulders at the moment. This open shoulder jumpsuit is another that can easily be dressed up or down. I think it would look so cool with a faux leather jacket and some silver, edgy accessories. But I also love how it looks with the ankles rolled up, a pair of boots, and a flannel wrapped around the waist. I'm already planning to wear it to at least ONE concert this fall/winter!

Last but certainly not least, the ensemble I am MOST obsessed with at the moment! We all know that I have been in love with this Striped Halter dress since purchasing it back in May for the 1975's spring tour. It's honestly so comfy and simple and I find myself gravitating towards stripes more than ever now. I find myself grabbing this before anything else in my wardrobe the summer.
I was instantly drawn to this embroidered shirt dress because it reminds me so much of 2014 Matty Healy. "Robbers Shirt " era Matty. I'm not too into prints on me but something about the sheer floral appealed to me. I was headed out when it arrived from Boohoo and I just tried it on over the striped dress just to see how it fit. I was so shocked when I saw how nice they looked paired together. I was expecting clash but instead I fell in love. Then to add to the love I already had, I popped on these fringed boots. I'm obsessed with fringe and am currently on the search for the perfect fringed jacket. This has fast become my favorite outfit!

Let me know how your summer is going and your favorite discoveries of summer 2016