Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is MY Resolution

Welp the Resolution tour is over. It was easily the best tour I've ever been to.... the best 6 days of my life. If you didn't go to a show, you really missed out
Sooo this leg of our adventure started on the 13th in "Africa" (don't ask). Being that it was the day before Valentine's Day I figured I'd get a little girly. Bring out the pink!! Of course me being me I couldn't just wear a pink skirt with a nice sparkly tank... No.... I had to pair it with my trusty faux leather jacket and some new studded boots which are HEAVEN!!!
(the crew and Hello Highway)
Jacket: Target
Top: Kmart believe it or not
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
The next day was Valentine's Day. There was no show that night... well not that tour. We spent the night in NYC at the Ready Set concert. I kept it pretty simple but effective with my Kiss Me shirt a borrowed pair of black sparkly pants (thanks Mommy) and a jacket.

Next up was Allentown. Keeping witht the Vday theme I went with a sheer gray top with red pants and of course, my jacket and boots.
( David and Dan of Action Item)

Top: Macys
Jacket: Target
Pants: Amazon

Last but not least... the last day of tour Asbury Park NEW JERSEY!! the boys' home show!! I'm stoked that I got to wear my new favorite label Tandem. Created by the Shami twins! You'll probably see me in a lot of their stuff. Annnnd I got a new faux leather jacket and it's STUDDED!!! yesssssss

Jacket: Target
Top: Tandem ( tandemlabel.com)



ps i'm going to try and get picutes of my entire outfit from now on

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bonjour loves!!

Name: Amber
Age: 22
Favorite bands/ musicians: Action Item, Jonas Brothers, Paramore, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, Adele, just about anything... music is my life!!
My style: That depends on the day. I'm really into mixing different style elements like lace and leather. I'm quick to pair a tutu with some boots. I'm really influenced by New York. I love pretty, flowy dresses and flower crowns but at the same time I love studs and ripped jeans. I think that Indian and Middle Eastern clothes are absolutely gorgeous. So yeah... like I said it depends on the day and what mood I'm in.
Style Inspiration: Demi Lovato. Everything she wears is flawless. She's so effortlessly gorgeous. And.... Mark Shami... if you tell him I said that, I'll lie. He and Kelly are just exude this natural coolness.
Go to pieces: Boots, bracelets, rings, hats/ hair accessories
Favorite Places to Shop: Target, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Free People,I'm pretty obsessed with Etsy, I've recently gotten into NastyGal and I'M OBSESSED!! I also love thrifting.
Favorite Outfit worn to a concert thus far:
4/11/2012: Beautiful Freaks Tour
                              Dress: I found it on amazon.com
Jacket: Target
Boots: Delias
8/27/2012: Until It's Over Premiere
Dress: Macys
Shawl: I bought this from my former neighbors. Came all the way from Pakistan
9/14/2012: Mid Summer Station Tour
Top: Macys
Shorts: Target
Fishnets: i don't remember
Boots: Delias
1/6/2013: Resolution Tour
Marilyn TShirt: Wet Seal
Vest: Wet Seal
Hi Low Skirt (not pictured): Charlotte Russe


Introducing Me... well us

Hi! I figured I'd take a moment to introduce our page and tell you all what we're all about. We are Amber and Corrine. We are two friends who met through our mutual love for the band Action Item. We go to a lot of their concerts together and figured why not start a blog devoted to concert style??? Why not incorporate two things we love?? Hope you enjoy