Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is MY Resolution

Welp the Resolution tour is over. It was easily the best tour I've ever been to.... the best 6 days of my life. If you didn't go to a show, you really missed out
Sooo this leg of our adventure started on the 13th in "Africa" (don't ask). Being that it was the day before Valentine's Day I figured I'd get a little girly. Bring out the pink!! Of course me being me I couldn't just wear a pink skirt with a nice sparkly tank... No.... I had to pair it with my trusty faux leather jacket and some new studded boots which are HEAVEN!!!
(the crew and Hello Highway)
Jacket: Target
Top: Kmart believe it or not
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
The next day was Valentine's Day. There was no show that night... well not that tour. We spent the night in NYC at the Ready Set concert. I kept it pretty simple but effective with my Kiss Me shirt a borrowed pair of black sparkly pants (thanks Mommy) and a jacket.

Next up was Allentown. Keeping witht the Vday theme I went with a sheer gray top with red pants and of course, my jacket and boots.
( David and Dan of Action Item)

Top: Macys
Jacket: Target
Pants: Amazon

Last but not least... the last day of tour Asbury Park NEW JERSEY!! the boys' home show!! I'm stoked that I got to wear my new favorite label Tandem. Created by the Shami twins! You'll probably see me in a lot of their stuff. Annnnd I got a new faux leather jacket and it's STUDDED!!! yesssssss

Jacket: Target
Top: Tandem ( tandemlabel.com)



ps i'm going to try and get picutes of my entire outfit from now on

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