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It is currently 10:30 on September 4, 2016.

First thing's first Happy Birthday to Queen Bey! Long may she be Flawless.

I am currently sitting here during my final hour and a half of my 25th year, reflecting on the last 12 months. I still cannot believe that I have been alive for a quarter of a century! I'm still convinced that I am actually 11.

(First picture of 25)

This year started off huge and has continued to be one of change and self improvement. I wanted to take this milestone year and make it one filled with adventures and things I could treasure and be proud of. But of course to do that I would have to get through everything that was holding me back... I would have to get through myself. Before my birthday I started tackling my anxiety and looking back at the person I was then compared to now is insane! There is still SO much that I am working through but I'm proud to even be working.

I was then, because of this fact, able to survive the major plans that I had for my birthday. I was able to cross off a few bucket list items when I rang in my bday with Bey herself! I like to say that we celebrated our birthdays together. Despite the heat and the terrifying crowds, it was honestly one of the best days of my life and hands down my best birthday yet!

This year I worked not only on my mental health but my physical health as well! We joined the gym... for real this time as I have actually made an effort to go and do more than a 45 minute "work out" On top of that, I stopped eating meat. That was more of a moral choice than a health choice though. I will be completely honest and say that it hasn't been the easiest and I still have cheat days but I am very much committed to this lifestyle... i'll get over the cravings... and I feel not only healthier but happier as well. (I also have visible cheek bones and have gone down a few pant sizes which is nice)

In November, I started writing my first novel. I have been starting projects basically since learning how to write and form sentences. This is the first time that completion is in sight. There is still a lot to fill in but I am so attached to the story, I am SO IN LOVE with the characters and I won't rest until they can be shared with more people than me and Talisha.

The last 12 months have been filled with a lot of stress and searching for understanding and I'm still working on not internalizing everything. I'm still working on the whole faith thing.

Looking 26 in the face, I'll admit, I'm a little intimidated...terrified is more like it. There are a lot of things I have on my "Big Girl" to-do list. Like always I hope the next twelve months are filled with adventures, Great people, lessons learned, and stories to be told for a lifetime!

Here's hoping.

(last pictures of 25 (appropriate) )


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