Friday, September 2, 2016

Everything Is Blue... Lips

If you had shown me a bold, blue lipstick a year ago, I would have said "That's really pretty but I could never pull that off."... yet here I am at the end of Summer 2016 completely OBSESSED with blue lippies! I still can't believe how frequently I am grabbing for one and tossing it in my purse. The three I am currently using are the NYX Liquid Suede in Stone Fox, The Colourpop Ultra Matte in Petit Four, and the Maybelline Loaded Bolds in Midnight Blue (shhh).

Left to Right: NYX: Stone Fox ($6.99), Colourpop: Petit Four ($6), Maybelline: Midnight Blue($7.49)

It all started with a lipstick that I don't even OWN! When Halsey teamed up with Mac for the Future Forward campaign and released "Halsey" a gorgeous blue-grey shade my heart went a little wonky! I thought is was gorgeous and just...COOL! But alas, my moral compass kicked in and I couldn't bring myself to buy a MAC product (yes, I know what you're thinking... I'll get into that.). So I went on a massive hunt to find something similar and reasonably priced. Little did I know that I would be sucked into this blue tinted whirlwind.

When "Halsey" launched everyone went on an on about how "Stone Fox" by NYX was an exact, cruelty free dupe. Being that I LOVE NYX I was quick to jump on this and ran as fast as I could to Ulta to pick it up and give it a go. I think it's needless to say that this is in fact NOT a dupe. It is too dark and WAY too blue. I'll admit that I was disappointed about that but I quickly got over it... when I put it on and stopped looking at it as a dupe but as it's own color. I INSTANTLY fell in love. It is more blue than gray and sooo pigmented. The Liquid Suede formula is so lovely. It isn't too heavy and isn't too drying. It dries down quickly to a velvety matte, doesn't transfer and it lasts for ages.

It should come as no surprise that there is a Colourpop product included in this. I have expressed my love for the brand MANY times! The pigmentation is beautiful and these babies DON'T BUDGE! Because it is an ultra matte, I suggest making sure your lips are thoroughly hydrated before applying because the ultra mattes are very drying. Petit Four is definitely a step closer to Halsey than Stone Fox so I think this is as close to a dupe as I'm going to get. Where Stone Fox is more blue, this one is definitely more of a slate gray with a tinge of blue.  It is a bit more intimidating personally... it's a bit more edgy than even I would usually go for but apparently I've put my brave pants on because I'm so heart eye emoji!

Okay, so this last one is a little tough and touchy for me to talk about and admit to. It's a Maybelline product... sigh... Maybelline is not cruelty free...tear. But this was a gift and I am not rude nor am I wasteful. I'm going to be really honest, I'm having such a hard time building a COMPLETELY cruelty free makeup collection... mainly because Maybelline is my FAVORITE drugstore brand. That being said, when they launched the Loaded Bolds, I could physically feel the ripping in my heart. Like I said, this was a gift... a gift that I am (sorry to say... but I'm being real) VERY thankful for. It doesn't go on as opaque as the others (it takes a bit of building) and it isn't fully matte (more of a satin finish) but boy oh boy... when it DOES go on.... It is SUCH a pretty, deep, jewel toned blue. It's so creamy and still moisturizing. It also doesn't need to be reapplied too frequently. I need to find some self control :(

I seriously love wearing the Midnight Blue and popping Petit Four right in the center!

What are some surprising makeup choices you've found yourself making recently??


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