Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Miserably Happy In The Lives We've Chosen

i’ve got a twenty dollar bill that says

you couldn’t scare me if you wanted to.
we could die in this moment & live for the thrill,
we’ll be the outsiders,
we’ll bring it back to life.
stay golden,
stay broken,
miserably happy in the lives we’ve chosen.

Everyone has that something that they feel they can’t live without. For some people it’s coffee… or caffeine in general. For others it’s the internet… For me, it’s music!
Not even just listening to music but, LIVE music… the entire EXPERIENCE of music.
I went to see Paradise Fears on Saturday (gosh I just love them). They opened for Andy Grammer at the TLA. Now, as I’m sure you know, this was not my first time seeing them live…. it sure felt that way though. I guess it had a lot to do with being there with my friends, all of which I met at a concert… But I think it’s just PF themselves. It’s everything that they bring onstage. It’s the way they pour themselves out for us to absorb! It’s how emotionally attached they are to their songs and the way every single person in the room is attached to the words, the feeling, the moment. It’s a high like no other.
I think it’s who they are as people… Sam Miller is quite possibly the greatest, most special person I’ve ever encountered in MY LIFE! As dramatic as it sounds, I feel so lucky that he even recognizes me when he sees me. He’s such a ray of sunshine and I pray that he never changes! 
I remember right before they took the stage, Jackie asking me why we were so excited as if we’d never seen them before. My answer was “ I don’t know but I feel like Max(her dog) every time someone walks into your house. All ‘HI! HEY! NOTICE ME! LOVE ME!’” I just want them to love me! 
I’m not really sure what I’m saying but it’s so incredible what music can do. Who it can bring together. how it can change your life!

 “Music Is The Closest Thing We Have To Magic”

Hat: Forever 21//Choker: Claire's//Sweater: Macys// Jeans: Forever 21 (I cut them myself)

// Just girls, breaking hearts//


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