Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sometimes I go overboard in Lush

Hello lovebugs!!

I think the title of this post is pretty self explanatory!!! If you watch my videos ( you really, REALLY, should) you saw where I popped into the slice of Heaven on Earth that is Lush. I need to point out that I ONLY went in for THREE of the Halloween bath dealies before they were gone for the season. ONLY THREE!! Welllll much to my mother's dismay and with the help of the lovely lady who works there, AnyƩ, I... well... went overboard.

Yes, I know that Halloween season is now over and some of theses beauts are no longer in stock, but I just had to share! Who knows, this might be helpful for next year!! 

Granny Takes A Dip- $6.95

Now this one isn't a halloween bath bomb but because my store was out of Northern lights, I was led to Granny Takes a dip which gives a similar effect with the coloring and whatnot. I've used this one and I find the lemon oil, spicy black pepper and fresh ginger oil scent is is quite relaxing! And it's so psychedelically pretty!

Wizard - $7.95
This little dude reminds me of the Disney Fantasia hat! He's a bubble bar so just just crush him under the warm running water and fill your bathroom with the scent of tangerine, juniperberry and fennel essential oils. Sounds pretty magical to me!!

Another Bubble bar!! Also, a one of the things I actually went in there for!! I would suggest breaking this bad boy in half and getting two baths out of it!! First of all, can we talk about the shimmering gold... ness of this. All I keep thinking is *sings* Shining Shimmering Splendid. Second, to quote directly from the website , "juniperberry, grapefruit and lime oils will fill the room with an enticing, cocktail-like punch" YES PLEASE!! I am quite the fan of a good cocktail!!

Taking a quick break from all things Halloween-y.  This is a massage bar. It's made with avocado,mango kernel ,Fair Trade cocoa , and shea butters making it EXTRA moisturizing!! If I'm being honest, this is my mom's but I have every intention of using it for myself! HA! 

Lustre- $15.95
Also a regular at Lush but... I did say I went overboard didn't I?? The website calls this a "

Shimmery, seductive golden Dusting Powder" enough said, yes??

I believe this is actually a Christmas item but... oh well. I'm quite excited to use this one! It's a bath melt that's made with organic shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil to soften your skin.It's made with zesty ginger, lavender and lime oil because why not?!?  Also, also, ALSOOOOO... Apparently, when you crush it under the running water, it TURNS THE WATER TURQUOISE!! YESSSSSS!!!

Another Christmas product! oops! I sometimes suffer with a bad case of the chaps ( chapped lips) especially during colder weather, so an exfoliating lip scrub that you can simply lick off is a MUST. And it's Cola flavored you say? Double check!!

Sparkler- $6.95
This is one of the bath bombs I was most excited for! It is filled with glitter and popping candies AND it's rose jam scented!! The one I bought had broken in half by the time I got home so I popped a piece in the tub and WOW! Even just half of it is GORGEOUS!! It's like a fireworks display in the bathtub! I'm OBSESSED!!

Northern Lights is what I wanted most when I walked into Lush! I'd seen so many videos and heard so many good things! But alas, my store was OUT! However, I discovered that many of the gift boxes have it inside! Poptastic being one of them ! The other bath bomb in Poptastic is Sparkler so... WIN! Let's discuss the fact that when you place Northern Lights in your bath water, popping candies crack and fizzle as your water turns blue and green and you could very well be in jasmine and ylang ylang-scented Alaska watching the Aurora Borealis! I'm saving this for last! SWEET GOODNESS GRACIOUS !

WHEW! I'm winded!! I'm torn between wanting to take a bath RIGHT NOW and wanting to run out to Lush ASAP!! 
If you want to get your hands on some of these before they're gone, head on over to NOW NOW NOWWWWW!!!!


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