Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Go To Perfumes!!

For as long as I can remember, the way I smell has been very, VERY important to me. I used to collect Calgon and Juice Bars body splashes as well as anything that smelled like candy! I remember playing perfume sales lady with my mom where I would force her to let me spray every single perfume we owned on her in an attempt to get to “buy” one from me. If I’m being honest, I still sometimes sit around and spray different scents on my arms. I try to keep a little roller ball with me, especially for concerts. When you’re hanging out with bands, you really can’t smell like the sweat, nerves, and the venue which usually smells like smoke and alcohol!

I think I’ve finally been able to narrow down my top four go to scents.

Princess by Vera Wang
This has been my all time FAVORITE perfume for years!! Even though I have loved it for what seems like forever, I’ve never owned it until recently! It was always one of those smell it in the store, spray it on my wrists and go about my business, dreaming about the day when I wouldn’t have to go to the mall to smell amazing dealies. Princess really lives up to it’s name. It smells so lovely with notes of lady apples, Tahitian tiara flower, and vanilla chiffon. I just feel so pretty whenever I wear it. I feel like a princess… And the bottle is GORGEOUS!

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift
This has been my go to for the past year! I’m always kinda iffy when it comes to celebrity scents. To me, majority of them just smell kinda generic and like all the other ones. However, when I first smelled Wonderstruck, it was like everything stopped! I literally was wonderstruck! I truly have to applaud Tay because this perfume is one of the greatest things I’ve ever smelled. With it’s notes of Freesia, Green Tea, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, and Dewberry, I always feel like a flowery, sugar sweet, fairy princess that floats around an enchanted forest!

Poppy Flower by Coach
 Towards the beginning of spring I picked this lovely up.... My mom and I had both staked claim to this but I'm the one who ended up with it! :P Poppy Flower is such a GORGEOUS, floral scent.I really think I would be lost without it!! Notes of Sweet Freesia, Violet Leaves, Wet Ivy, Juicy Grapefruit,  Mandarin, Lychee, tangy Cassis, Jasmine Petals, Waterlily, Rose, Peony, Amberwood, Musk and Apricot leave me feeling as if I should be lying in a field of flowers in France... idk lol 

Our Moment by One Direction
This is another celebrity fragrance that I was a little iffy about. I didn’t want to buy it and pretend to love it JUST because it was 1D! Welp thank goodness I didn’t have to! Our Moment is just so lovely! It’s sweet and floral and amazing! Notes of pink grapefruit wild berries, red currant, jasmine, freesia, and white patchouli come together beautifully and leave me feeling super girly and sparkling... like I should be covered in glitter

Malibu by Juicy Couture

My most recent love! I came across this gem whilst Christmas shopping at Macy’s! This is one tall bottle of pink passion fruit and Sparkling Jamine heaven!!

What's YOUR favorite perfume??

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